Information Systems - Research and Education -

Information Systems (IS) are socio-technical networks composed of processing units - machines as well as humans - (denoted as nodes) which are interlinked by communication arcs, representing interconnections (for example cooperations).

IS research aims for designing, developing and testing theories, methods and tools for application systems, in our case especially in the Economics and Business Administration domain. Moreover, we strive for novel application systems.

On top of basic IS education (covering the structure of the most important theories, methods, tools and architectures as well as application experiences) specialized courses, exercises and seminars offer insights in modern IS applications in different industries.

Moreover, courses and seminars addressing particular theories and methods and its applications, are offered. In close cooperation with students we try to continue research and teaching, for example by selecting appropriate themes for diploma thesisses.

Asides this, incubation support is offered.

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