Chair of Business Administration, esp. Information Management List of Publications

Reviewed articles, and proceedings:

Spann, Martin; Skiera, Bernd
Einsatzmöglichkeiten virtueller Börsen in der Marktforschung
In: Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft, Vol. 74, pp. 25-48
Reference No. 2004-241
Spann, Martin; Skiera, Bernd
Measuring Individual Frictional Costs and Willingness-to-Pay via Name-Your-Own-Price Mechanisms
In: Journal of Interactive Marketing, Vol. 18(4), pp. 22-36
Reference No. 2004-240
Stockheim, Tim; Schwind, Michael
Agent-based Scheduling Auctions in Supply Chain Management
In: Second European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems, EUMAS 2004 Barcelona, Spain
[protected Data]
Reference No. 2004-120
Gewald, Heiko; Hinz, Daniel
A Framework for Classifying the Operational Risks of Outsourcing
In: Proceedings of the Eighth Pacific-Asia Conference on Information System (PACIS) Shanghai
[protected Data]
Reference No. 2004-68
Blumenberg, Stefan
Benchmarking Financial Chain Efficiency – the Role of Economies of Scale for Financial Processes
In: Proceedings of the Eighth Pacific-Asia Conference on Information System (PACIS 2004) Shanghai
Reference No. 2004-57
Fladung, Rainer B.; Dugall, Berndt; König, Wolfgang
Ökonomie der elektronischen Literaturversorgung - Optimale Tarifwahl beim Bezug elektronischer Zeitschriften
Reference No. 2004-54
Beimborn, Daniel; Fladung, Rainer B.; König, Wolfgang
An Optimization Framework for Efficient Information Supply in the Academic Sector
In: Proceedings of the Eighth Pacific-Asia Conference on Information Systems Shanghai
Reference No. 2004-49
Weitzel, Tim; Beimborn, Daniel; Franke, Jochen
Outsourcing the Financial Chain: an Empirical Analysis of Sourcing and Partnering Potentials
In: Proceedings of the Tenth Americas Conference on Information Systems New York, New York, August 2004 (AMCIS best paper award/best outsourcing paper)
[protected Data]
Reference No. 2004-40
Beimborn, Daniel; Hoppen, Norman
A Simulative Approach to Determining the Economic Efficiency of Software Patents
In: WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK 46 (2004) 1, S. 50-60
Reference No. 2004-21
Lammers, Markus
Make, Buy or Share - Combining Resource Based View, Transaction Cost Economics and Production Economies to a Sourcing Framework
Reference No. 2004-20
Dynes, Scott; Schrott, Gregor; Gloor, Peter
Temporal Characteristics of email Interactions in an Academic Environment
In: presented at the XXIV International Sunbelt Social Network Conference Portorož (Slovenia).
Reference No. 2004-18
Lammers, Markus; Löhndorf, Nils; Weitzel, Tim
Strategic Sourcing in Banking - A Framework
In: Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Information Systems Turku, Finnland
[protected Data]
Reference No. 2004-16
Stockheim, Tim; Nimis, Jens; Scholz, Thorsten; Stehli, Marcel
How to Build a Multi-Multi-Agent System: The Agent.Enterprise Approach
In: 6th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS2004) Porto, Portugal
Reference No. 2004-15
Pfaff, Donovan; Skiera, Bernd; Weitzel, Tim
Financial-Chain-Management: Ein generisches Modell zur Identifikation von Verbesserungspotenzialen
[protected Data]
Reference No. 2004-14
Gloor, Peter; Laubacher, Rob; Dynes, Scott; Zhao, Yan; Schrott, Gregor
Correlating Temporal Communication Patterns of Online Communities With Innovation
In: is accepted to be presented at the XXIV International Sunbelt Social Network Conference Portorož (Slovenia)
Reference No. 2004-13
Nimis, Jens; Stockheim, Tim
The Agent.Enterprise Multi-Multi-Agent System
In: Special Track on Agent Technology in Business Applications (ATeBa04) at Multi-Conference on Business Information Systems (MKWI2004) Invited Paper at 1st Int. WS on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Logistics (at KI2004)
Reference No. 2004-4
Schrott, Gregor; Glückler, Johannes
What makes M-CSCW mobile? Towards a better understanding of cooperative mobile interactions
In: International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS) (formerly known as International Journal of Man-Machine Studies), 60:5-6 (May 2004), 737-752.
Reference No. 2004-3

Book Publications:

Fricke, Markus
Information Logistics in Supply Chain Networks: Concept, Empirical Analysis, and Design
In: Ibidem Verlag; ISBN 3898213315 Hannover
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Reference No. 2004-66
Skiera, Bernd; König, Wolfgang; Gensler, Sonja; Weitzel, Tim; Beimborn, Daniel; Blumenberg, Stefan; Franke, Jochen; Pfaff, Donovan
Financial Chain Management - Prozessanalyse, Effizienzpotenziale und Outsourcing
In: Books on Demand, Norderstedt
Reference No. 2004-63
Franke, Jochen
Dynamische Webseiten mit PHP5 - Echt einfach
In: Franzis-Verlag Poing
Reference No. 2004-45
Weitzel, Tim
Economics of Standards in Information Networks
In: Springer Physica New York
Reference No. 2004-6
König, Wolfgang; Fricke, Markus; Hollich, Franz; Martin-Diaz, Luis; Weber, Sascha
Inter-Organizational Cooperation with SAP Solutions - Design and Management of Supply Networks
In: Springer Verlag Heidelberg, Berlin u. a.
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Reference No. 2004-2

Dissertation Publications:

Färber, Frank
Information Systems-Supported Personnel Selection: An Automated Recommendation Approach
Hoppen, Norman
Software Innovations and Patents - A Simulation Approach
Schrott, Gregor
Enhancing Performance in Virtual Knowledge Networks - A Community Engineering Approach